Friday, September 27, 2013


So my 20 year HS reunion is in 2 weeks.  WTH!
I mean I remember my parents going to theirs and they were OLD.

I will be flying solo to this event because Ian
is not a chit chat kinda guy. You know he is the laid back quiet one and I am the loud obnoxious one.  Plus then we have to get a sitter.

Seeing as the reunion is on the other side of town I was thinking I might have to call my dad for a ride and crash at their house, they live much closer to the restaurant than I do. My dad always told me in HS no matter where I was, or how drunk I was, he would come and get me no questions asked.  Well I never actually took him up on that offer as I was a pretty good girl, but things have changed.

I drove a big old boat of an old lady car in high school that had a Hullabaloo bumper sticker on it.  It was nicknamed the Hullabaloozer.  It also had a MOM'S TAXI bumper sticker.  Both a glimpse into my future.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone.  I loved my years at Incarnate and second only to my parents I kinda feel like it made me who I am.

So if I drink too much and start singing the IWA school song call my are welcome to crash there too AND he won't ask any questions.

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  1. Can I just party in your parents' basement and play pool with your dad until you're drunk and ready to be picked up? I'll ride with Steve and Julie to scoop you up and we'll afterparty to some Cat Stevens records.