Friday, September 27, 2013


So my 20 year HS reunion is in 2 weeks.  WTH!
I mean I remember my parents going to theirs and they were OLD.

I will be flying solo to this event because Ian
is not a chit chat kinda guy. You know he is the laid back quiet one and I am the loud obnoxious one.  Plus then we have to get a sitter.

Seeing as the reunion is on the other side of town I was thinking I might have to call my dad for a ride and crash at their house, they live much closer to the restaurant than I do. My dad always told me in HS no matter where I was, or how drunk I was, he would come and get me no questions asked.  Well I never actually took him up on that offer as I was a pretty good girl, but things have changed.

I drove a big old boat of an old lady car in high school that had a Hullabaloo bumper sticker on it.  It was nicknamed the Hullabaloozer.  It also had a MOM'S TAXI bumper sticker.  Both a glimpse into my future.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone.  I loved my years at Incarnate and second only to my parents I kinda feel like it made me who I am.

So if I drink too much and start singing the IWA school song call my are welcome to crash there too AND he won't ask any questions.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Old Lady Hands

I remember getting a kick out of my grandma not being able to open jars.

She would pass one to me and marvel at my strength.

Now I am helping Laura make thumb splints out of popsicle sticks and things I used to take for granted like pulling pork and giving the old wine spigot a good twist have become exercises in futility.

Today, per customer request, I had to turn Alien Rings into necklaces. Back in the day I would have just pried the rings shanks off the Alien head but because of my condition I have to soak them in boiling water to soften the glue. 

In the words of Nell Carter 'Give Me A BREAK!'

How much longer until we can put these kids to work???  Child labor and Hullabaloo go hand in arthritic hand. 

Some pictures of me working my craft.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

An Eye For an Eye

Had a great parenting moment last night.
Yesterday morning before school Hendrix and Gibby were sitting on the front porch and Gibby did something to annoy Hendrix. Blah blah blah.
Hendrix pinches Gibby so I go out and pinch him.  Not too hard, just hard enough to get his attention.
He looks at me horrified and says 'Hey! That hurt.'  And I say 'Of course it does, how do you think Gibby likes it??  Don't do it again.'
Pick up the kids from school and Hendrix pulls Gibby's hair.....I tell him when we get home I am going to pull his hair.  Well he does'nt like the sound of that at all so we have a nice long talk that goes something like this....
If you pull his hair I will pull yours, if you pinch him I will pinch you.  Sooner or later you will stop.
Hendrix is old enough to start using some restraint and he is really into rules, especially imposing them on other people, so I think this is a swell idea.
He does not object, he is a reasonable child after all.
So later on I am in the kitchen making dinner and I hear a fight breaking out.  I walk out just in time to see Hendrix hit Gibby.  Well, hitting was not discussed so I told him to go to TIME OUT!
He starts to cry and have a fit and says 'You can hit me mommy'.  'Don't put me in time out, just hit me.'
I did not hit him...he went to time out and all day long I kept seeing his poor miserable face telling me I could hit him.
Total backfire.