Thursday, June 13, 2013

What's the Hullabaloo?!?!?!

This about sums it up.
Me- 'We bring our kids to work.' 

People- 'You are so lucky!' 

(insert laugh track here)

13 years ago I started my 'dream' job.  I found the ad in a newspaper - remember those? and it said something like this.....'Wholesale vintage costume and clothing sales, some travel.'

As it turns out it WAS a dream job and within the year my sister became a Hullabaloozer too.  I traveled the world, met amazing people, and acquired a killer wardrobe, but it came at a hefty price for Hullabaloo was located in crazy town and run by Queen Crazy. Together Laura and I navigated the daily shit storm that began rumbling at 8:00 each morning.  

7 years later my sister and I took out a loan and sold our souls to the SBA.  Oh the glory we would have! The riches, the fame.....THE STRESS!

The first year we had to relocate to a new warehouse, the economy tanked, and we decided to start having babies.  A perfect storm of shitty diapers, shitty sleep, and shitty business.  

6 years later it's business as usual.  I go to work to wipe butts, make lunches and referee fights, oh, and run a multi-hundred dollar corporation.  Sometimes we get lucky and get a huge order from Marc Jacobs (really happened...once) but most of the time we're just trying to keep groceries in the fridge and the rent and mortgage paid. 

Enough of my sad story!  I work with my sister/best friend everyday and have lots of love in my life, so it ain't all bad.  Really I have been thinking about writing a blog for some time because this shit is hilarious!  

Our day to day follies are made for reality T.V. (not that I would EVER entertain that idea #Bravo;)  It could be called 'What's that Hullabaloo?!?!"

I promise to make you feel like a better mom. I promise to make you feel good about your job and love life.  And I promise to make you laugh.  The only thing that gets Laura and me through most days is laughing, so if you have a minute, check in to see what we're laughing at.

Also, I will be shamelessly promoting my half ass company.

Cheers!  Bridgette

***This will be the longest post BTW because 'ain't nobody got time for that.'


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  1. Had to comment! Love your story, your life and your attitude. Can't wait to read more.